Filagra an oral prescription medication for treatment of men erectile dysfunction.

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You can order Filagra in online pharmacy without problems and recommend of doctor. Filagra is the registered medicinal brand of the pharmaceutical company Ajanta Company (India) which known around the world. Filagra active ingredient (generic Viagra) is Sildenafil each tablet contains 20 mg of a preparation. It is identical on action and composition to Viagra, but favorably differs at the price. The brand preparation is approved by FDA (USA) and similar controls of quality control of drugs of many countries. It is clinically tested and is applied about 5 years at the men having erectile dysfunction of a vascular, psychological and mixed origin. The generic products have like natural components and there can be a narrow difference in the brand product and the generic product. This index shows difference between the level of toxicity it may cause to the body and effective amount of drug. Filagra containing Sildenafil starts working approximately in 20-30 minutes. Its action proceeds about 36 hours therefore there is no need accurately to calculate a temporal interval for drug intake.
Filagra naturally helps the man to reach a resistant and continuous erection. However the preparation in itself doesn't cause an erection in order that medicine started working, sexual excitation is necessary. Filagra application for children till 18 years isn't allowed, in case of a serious sharp and chronic cardiovascular illness, the considerable deformations of a penis. In case of Sildenafil it is applied under monitoring of the doctor. Simultaneous reception Filagra and preparations donators of oxide of nitrogen (nitrates) because of possibility of development of sharp warm insufficiency are forbidden.
You can take a medicine at the beginning of evening and to be confident in own forces until the end of the next day. It isn't recommended to take more than one pill per day extremely in order to avoid overdose. Between Viagra and Filagra pills have not big difference. Filagra belongs in a group of ED drugs. The main and active ingredient of Filagra it is Sildenafil. Filagra which is class of medication that helps treat male impotency is pills by medication which treat more commonly the PDE-5 inhibitors and erectile dysfunction. However Filagra pills are a generic product which should be remembered Viagra is the brand product, can be few contrast differed between brand product and generic. The side effects and even the reaction of generic pills may variety from person to person because of the age the person kidney function and the liver etc.

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