Filagra Extra Power an oral prescription medication for treatment of men erectile dysfunction.

Filagra Extra Power Filagra

Filagra Extra Power is the impotence pills/tablets, helps in the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. Buy Filagra Extra Power. Discount Filagra Extra Power! Order Filagra Extra Power No Prescription!

Filagra Extra Power

Filagra Extra Power is a generic preparation which contains a 150 mg Sildenafil Citrate composition to treat ED in men. World famous brand of Filagra Extra Power is one of most strong on effect of generics with the raised content of the active agent Sildenafil. Filagra Extra Power is intended first of all for healthy men till 55-60 years. It isn't recommended to apply Viagra with the raised dosage in old age to men without preliminary consultation at the doctor, as 150 mg. in one tablet of the active agent Sildenafil is the most admissible dose without damage to health. It is recommended to use for a start a tablet half for an hour before sexual intercourse. Filagra Extra Power isn't recommended to be combined with alcohol as alcohol considerably reduces action of any drugs.
Ghost effects from reception of Filagra Extra Power can be expressed more brightly, than from Filagra 100 mg though, of course, depend directly on specific features of an organism. Often observable from them - an elevated pressure and a headache, reddening of eye proteins and the person, dizziness. Filagra Extra Power shouldn't be applied to men who accept Filagra with Sildenafil's standard dosage of 100 mg. Filagra Extra Power it is strictly forbidden to combine with drugs and the preparations containing organic Nitrates and nitrites - this combination constitutes serious danger to life. Under observation of the doctor it is necessary to accept Filagra Extra Power after the transferred heart attack and a stroke, and as with serious illnesses of a liver and kidneys, stomach ulcer, epilepsies. In such cases the dosage of Filagra Extra Power shall be minimized and the increased dosage isn't necessary.
One tablet contains 1,5 times more Sildenafil citrate, than in normal Filagra. It is assigned to patients with hard cases of sexual weakness. The effect consists in gain of a flow of blood in case of sexual excitation to a penis. At the expense of it the erection becomes solid on all process. It is recommended to take 1 pill in 1 hour prior to sex. Higher dosage of Sildenfil can cause pronounced ghost effects. Duration of action makes 5 hours. This time will suffice to satisfy even 2 women. Thus you reduce time for restoration between acts. From reception of several tablets the effect amplifies. In each tablet contains on 150 mg Sildenafil. Also, it isn't recommended to divide a tablet into some parts as it reduces an effect level.

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